Ancient Chinese Dynasties Facts

Chinese Warrior on Horseback

Introduction - Chinese Dynasties

The early history of Chinese civilization is divided into dynasties. By definition a dynasty is a succession of rulers who are from the same family or clan. The dynasty was named after the ruling family. As with world history in general it is not always easy to draw a nice neat line or name an exact date where one period ended and another started. Often the transition from one dynasty to another was a long chaotic process involving wars and taking many years for the new dynasty to gain complete control. Also, at times different regions of China were ruled by different people and not under the rule of one dynasty. Some dynasties like the Ming Dynasty lasted for centuries and others lasted for just a few decades. On this site we provide lists of ancient Chinese dynasties facts including information about specific dynasties. You will find interesting information on how they came to power, when they ruled, who their great leaders were, what their culture was like, and some of the amazing art, inventions, and architecture they left behind. This information is written for both kids and adults.

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Timeline of Ancient Chinese Dynasties

As mentioned earlier the timeline of the ancient dynasties of China consist of some overlapping periods and can be confusing. The list below is a basic timeline. Some of the dates are subject to debate or interpretation.

Interesting Ancient Chinese Dynasties Facts